Our performances are always based on customer and object requirements and comprehend:

  • Feasibility analysis and suggestions realisation for facades
  • Construction of energetic concepts for the individual facades types
  • Precise account costing for the realisation of the facades
  • Project consultation with subsequent development of the routing detail or construction documentation
  • Development of special profiles for window- and facade constructions
  • Developing of the contract specifications in order to tenderer
  • Specialist analysis and assessment of all received offers with price breakdown and detailed evaluation report
  • Contribution and technical management among the tenderer and placing conversations
  • Professional analysis for the construction documentation of the executor facades builder or architect, with subsequent audit report
  • Control and persecution of the agreed appointments for the manufacture and montage plus acceptance sampling in the factory, as well on the construction area in regular intervals, with subsequent status report to the project management
  • Building crew management
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